Beaumade Designer Directory

Anueva Jewelry

“The Sapphire Whisperer” Rustic, Nature-Inpsired Jewelry | Seattle, WA

Consider The Wldflwrs

Impeccably Made, Timeless Engagement Ring Design & Fine Jewelry Boutique | Nashville, TN

Diamond Nexus

Makers of the Innovative Diamond Alternative, the Nexus Diamondâ„¢ | Franklin, WI

Everett Fine Jewelry

California Cool Meets Romantic, Rose-Cut Vibes |
Venice Beach, CA

Marrow Fine

Effortlessly Cool, Supremely Stunning Engagement & Stacking Rings | San Diego, CA

Melanie Casey Jewelry

Delicate Fine Jewelry, Handmade by Expert Artisans |
North Andover, MA

Selin Kent

Architecturally-Inspired Chic Fine Jewelry |
New York, NY

Single Stone

Vintage Diamonds, Handcrafted Settings, Uniquely Beautiful |
Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie Gottlieb

Modern Bespoke Bridal Jewelry, Custom-Made For You |
New York, NY

The True Gem Company

The New Classics: Handmade Moissanite Engagement Rings |
Dallas, TX

Trumpet & Horn

Vintage and Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings |
Beverly Hills, CA

Valerie Madison Jewelry

Eco- and Eye-Friendly Engagement Rings |
Seattle, WA

Victor Barbone Jewelry

Vintage Engagement Rings Built to Stand the Test of Time |
New York, NY

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