Today I am beyond excited to welcome the newest Designer Collection to Beaumade…Diamond Nexus!

Diamond Nexus now in Beaumade

The Diamond Nexus collection in Beaumade features loads of gorgeous engagement rings and wedding/stacking bands. But what makes these rings unique is what makes them shine…the diamonds.

Diamond Nexus is one of the leading creators of alternate diamonds. Diamond Nexus rings are made using their proprietary stone, which is called the Nexus DiamondTM.

Diamond Nexus engagement ringsYou may be familiar with the idea of mined diamonds – diamonds that are naturally occuring in the earth and mined from the ground – versus lab-grown diamonds. While Nexus DiamondTM Alternatives are technically diamond simulants, even professional jewelers can’t spot the difference between a Nexus DiamondTM Alternative and a mined diamond!

These lab-created stones aren’t only gorgeous-to-the-eye, they are eco-friendly and they also come with an affordable price tag. Who doesn’t love a win-win-win?!

There are SO many gorgeous options waiting for you to try on in the Diamond Nexus collection in Beaumade, so click here to try them all on!