Friends, I am SO excited to announce the newest Designer Collection available in Beaumade…Consider The Wldflwrs! If you love timeless designs with thoughtful, personal details, this collection is for you!

Based out of Nashville, Consider The Wldflwrs is the brainchild of Emily Eggebrecht. Emily’s eye for design is DIALED IN people. Just scroll through Consider The Wldflwrs’s Instagram feed, and you’ll be swooning over #ALLOFTHERINGS.

My favorite part about Consider The Wldflwr’s collection is that these rings are the perfect start to a dream wedding stack. Simple, timeless engagement rings are a gorgeous foundation to build a wedding ring stack around. And good news! You can try on engagement rings AND wedding bands by Consider The Wldflwr’s in Beaumade. Click here to get to trying on these rings in Beaumade!

Here’s a peek of some of the Consider The Wldflwr stunners you’ll find in Beaumade…
Consider The Wldflwr engagment ring

Consider The Wldflwr alternative bridal

Consider The Wldflwrs diamond ring in Beaumade