You all *love* The True Gem, so get excited…because TONS of new True Gem rings hit Beaumade today! That means you can go virtually try on some of your favorite new rings by The True Gem to see how they look on YOU! Click here to get to tryin’.

New Rings by The True Gem are now available to try on in Beaumade

The True Gem Moissanite Engagement Ring Beaumade Virtual Try On App

If you’re not yet familiar with The True Gem, prepare to fall in love! The True Gem is known for their show-stopping, jaw-dropping gorgeous rings…which also happen to be eco-friendly…and they’re affordable to boot! Basically, The True Gem is the J.Lo triple threat of the engagement ring space 🙂

Basically, The True Gem is the J.Lo triple threat of the engagement ring space.

You can see for yourself how gorgeous their rings are, but let’s talk about what makes them eco-friendly and affordable.

The True Gem is well-known for their gorgeous Moissanite rings. What’s Moissanite? Moissanite is a completely distinct stone than a diamond. It’s not a “lab-created diamond” or a “fake diamond” – it’s just it’s own stone that is naturally occurring (fun fact: it was first discovered in a meteor crater in Arizona, so that’s pretty cool).

Chemically, Moissanite is completely different than a diamond. But people love it because to it looks like a diamond, but at a *fraction* of the price. So if you love the idea of a diamond engagement ring, but want a more eco-friendly and/or wallet-friendly option, Moissanite is a great alternative to look into. And The True Gem is a great place to start!

Trying to decide which True Gem ring you’d like? Head on over to Beaumade’s app, select The True Gem collection, and find your favorite ring! Enjoy!