Have you ever wondered how jewelry designers and diamond experts themselves get engaged? I think about it all the time! When you play with gorgeous diamond rings every day (#dreamjob), how are you supposed to choose The One?

Well today we’re all in for a treat! Liz, one of the wonderful women from Trumpet & Horn, recently got engaged, and she’s sharing all the details! Read on to hear about how an engagement ring expert really gets engaged and Liz’s advice for finding the perfect ring for YOU!

First, let’s get to know you! What’s your name, and what do you do for Trumpet & Horn?
Hi! My name is Liz and I’m the Creative Director at Trumpet & Horn! I have the privilege of making everything pretty – be it product photography, styled shoots, the website, packaging, the showroom and the overall customer experience. I wear a lot of hats since we’re a small family business, but I get to play with beautiful vintage diamonds all day!

How did you get into the engagement ring industry?
I followed Trumpet & Horn on Instagram! I had just moved to LA and was job hunting, saw they were hiring in an Insta post, applied online, and joila!

You’re recently engaged – YAY and major congratulations! Where did you get engaged, and how did your fiance propose?
Thank you!! My fiance Georgiy and I got engaged on vacation in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico! We were on a sunset cruise and I was literally eating a taco when he asked lol! After (a lot) of hysterical crying, I said ‘yes’! The boat captain blasted Bruno Mars’ song ‘Marry You’ and the whole boat took tequila shots! It was such a happy and magical moment, I’ll remember it forever.

Trumpet & Horn Proposal Story

Describe your bling, and tell us your favorite part(s) about it! 
Obviously I’m obsessed with my ring and it is of course from Trumpet & Horn! I had been eyeing Cobble Hill for well over a year, and my coworkers helped me hide it in the safe for when the time came 😉 It is platinum, (something I never wear) but for me (and what I tell my customers) it is all about the ring. Don’t pin yourself to a certain style until you see your options, something from outside the box may appeal to you! My ring is from the Edwardian era circa 1905 and has the most gorgeous, perfectly wonky Old Mine Cuts. I adore the imperfections and craftsmanship of the piece. I also love having something so unique that no one else will have…the perks of going vintage!

Cobble Hill Vintage Engagement Ring by Trumpet & Horn

Did you see the proposal coming, or were you surprised? If you were surprised, what moment did you realize what was going down?!
Georgiy and I have been dating for seven years…and I work at an engagement store….so it was definitely something that was brought up a lot over the past year haha. He and my coworkers did such a good job of keeping it on the DL though. I kind of hoped it would happen while we were on vacay since we hadn’t been on one in years! But I was SO surprised he did it in that moment. I still didn’t believe it while it was happening!

Did you talk about what type of engagement ring you wanted beforehand?
As a recently engaged bride-to-be – and someone who helps so many couples get engaged! – what’s your advice for couples to help them find the perfect ring for both of them?

At Trumpet & Horn, it’s about 50/50 of couples coming in together vs one partner picking it out as a surprise. It’s 2018 there are no rules! I think a lot of people still think traditionally and believe that one partner has to pick it out and it has to be this huge secret…so I had to do some conditioning on him for sure! I just fell in love with the ring and told him I couldn’t imagine anything else! But the ball was in his court as to when and where it went down.

You get to work with gorgeous sparkly rings all day! How can brides-to-be snap the perfect ring selfie of their bling?
Haha I have soo many photo spots in the showroom! Best morning light, daylight, indoor/outdoor spots etc. I think the best kind of shot is when you’re in the moment with your partner at the time of the proposal! It’s SUCH a precious moment, even if the pics are blurry and crazy it just shows how happy you were! And then of course a good close up shot of the bling afterward 😉

Trumpet & Horn Ring Selfie

Besides your ring, Trumpet & Horn has *so* many gorgeous rings to choose from. What’s your favorite part about T&H rings? Totally understand if you can’t choose just one 🙂
I love that all of our vintage rings are one of a kind! There’s something so special and romantic about having something that was crafted so long ago with so much love. And for the people that want something brand new but with a vintage vibe, our vintage inspired pieces are perfect. My absolute favorite vintage ring right now has to be Wrightwood. It is an exceptional earlyyyyy Victorian ring circa 1845 with the most delectable mix of Rose Cuts and a 1.26ct Cushion Cut. My favorite vintage inspired ring is our signature Tiara ring. It was created after a beautiful Art Nouveau piece and has become our most popular style because of its unique look.