About Beaumade

About Beaumade

Beaumade started with a simple thought – I love that ring. How would it look on me?

From a simple thought grew a big idea, and a passion for connecting the best independent designers and handmade jewelry artisans with people around the world.

Launched in 2016, Beaumade’s mission is to help you find find jewelry – whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime ring or gorgeous everyday piece – by a designer that’s perfect for you…not just the one who happens to have a shop in your neighborhood. 

How can do this? First, download Beaumade’s iPhone app so you see how engagement rings and stacking bands look on your own hand from the comfort of home. In there, you’ll find hundreds of different rings, with more styles added weekly, so make sure your Push Notifications are on 🙂

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As for the name? Beaumade loosely (very, very loosely) means “made beautiful” in French. It refers to a swoon-worthy engagement ring, made even more beautiful by the promise it represents, and is an homage to the founder’s family name.


Beaumade is on a mission to help every couple find the perfect engagement ring to represent their unique love story, made by the Designer that represents you and your values.